Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some funny things about our almost 17month old McKenna
She eats really well if you give her "dipppy" ketchup, honey dijion mustard & ranch...lil messy but it's multi-purpose!
She has begun to call me Tara! And says it very well! I am correcting her everytime she says it, I waited and wanted her too bad just to be Tara! I am her mommy! But nonetheless its really cute! You really have to hear it to appreciate!
She loves rocks and dirt!
She realllyyyy realllly loves her blankie and bottle...
Barney is her bff
She loves to clap and dance and give high fives!
She understands pretty much everything we say..which makes life so much easier! We have some communication now!
She is a happy kid and gives the best hugs! Around your neck, head on shoulder hugs!
She has VERY curly hair! And I LOVE it! I thank her daddy for that!


Nate and Stacia said...

Yay for communication! I often wonder how in the world I'm going to go back to the baby stage where there is none! It is cute when they call you by your name but I think you're absolutely right to be called mommy! Thanks for the update-I want to meet that cute girl some time!

Kyle said...

Time for an update!! You're slackin'!

Heather said...

She seriously is such a cutie! I need to see some recent pics, missy! I get the ones on my phone, but what about the blog? :)