Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am a terrible blogger as of now..but I have had computer issues for about a month or two!
We have now purchased a BRAND spankin new computer so I should be back to bloggin a little more frequently! Stay tuned for some pic's and posts!

Friday, August 21, 2009

One of my fav pics!
Playing in sand is serious business for a one and half year old!
She was in heaven!

Oh the beach....that water was almost tooo cold for my feet!
But it was still wonderful!

She loved that dang choo choo! I think she rode it 3 times!

On our little boat ride through the harbor!

Santa Barbara Baby!

At the zoo, excited to see something!
The sunset from outside our hotel room door!

This was the only way she'd nap while we were there..when we would shop! Worked out wonderfully huh?! Especially since I truely believe Darrin could out shop me any day of the week!

Yes thats a big ole' sucker! and she had a good ole' time making a big ole' mess!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Utah Pics!

Oh man oh man..this little girl had me on my toes the whole time we were there!
Of course, our last night there we were just getting ready to eat with ALL the fam..which is ALOT of people, all the sudden a big summer storm rolls through! It was such a great storm..loud thunder and wind, and a nice rain! If only I could have bottled the scent that was left! oh man! Then outside there was a double rainbow! How cool huh?!


Okay big time slacker over here! I know there are a few of you that enjoy seeing whats up here in Snyder land! It's really been such a happy, fun and busy summer I can't keep up! Pathetic huh? But really lots going on! McKenna and I started off with a roadtrip with my parents to Utah to visit the family...all I can say is ahhhhhhhhhhhh it's so beautiful up there in Woodland,Ut! We had such a great time and McKenna got to hang with some of her second cousins and I got to see some family I haven't seen in YEARS! It was great! Hopefully we can make it up there again next summer! Then we came home for one night, packed it up and off we were again for another road trip to Phx! We went to meet the latest Robinson, our neice and Kenner's cousin Jade! Also they were blessing her and it was my Landee's birthday! It was a great weekend to get down there! Lot's going on!Then it was back home on Sunday!Boy was my little trooper princess ready to come home! She was poopped!
Then just about a month ago we bought a new car, and we tested it out on yet another road trip to Santa Barabara,Ca! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh once again!? Why oh why do I live in the desert?! oh yeah because I am not a millionaire! And could not afford any part of that lifestyle..one can dream though?! It was OUR first family vacation! Let me just say it was beyond awesome! We hung out, went to the beach, went to the Santa Barabara Zoo, shopping, lots of yummy seafood and took a little boat ride! We were busy and McKenna loved every second of it! Now I think you all may be caught up! And if I forgot something well.................

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some funny things about our almost 17month old McKenna
She eats really well if you give her "dipppy" ketchup, honey dijion mustard & ranch...lil messy but it's multi-purpose!
She has begun to call me Tara! And says it very well! I am correcting her everytime she says it, I waited and wanted her too bad just to be Tara! I am her mommy! But nonetheless its really cute! You really have to hear it to appreciate!
She loves rocks and dirt!
She realllyyyy realllly loves her blankie and bottle...
Barney is her bff
She loves to clap and dance and give high fives!
She understands pretty much everything we say..which makes life so much easier! We have some communication now!
She is a happy kid and gives the best hugs! Around your neck, head on shoulder hugs!
She has VERY curly hair! And I LOVE it! I thank her daddy for that!


Easter Sunday

Oh man did our daughter find heaven in the chocolate bunny! I had to hide it from her for days!
We went to my Grandam Cope's church and from the time we put on her dress I thought" this isn't gonna be fun,but we'll give it a whirl" of course mommy knows best! Needless to say we lasted 45min..it was her nap time!

Red Rock/Bonnie Springs

We took a day trip to the petting zoo at Bonnie Springs! What a blast we all had! McKenna loved the birds and got to play in the dirt! Plus I hadn't been on the red rock loop in a very long time/if ever... It was a great family day!

Okay really can I possibly be anymore lame.... 3months since I updated my blog! ouch where had the time gone! You have all have probably given up on me! Well here goes some fun pics for ya!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Snow Day!

We took a drive up to Mt. Charleston the other day to introduce McKenna to the cold white stuff! Natually she loved it! and wanted to eat it! Of course I let her! What kid doesn't like to eat snow! It was good times!
Then we went to her Papa's house where she was lovin on their stuffed bear! She kept pulling it around the house then she would lay on it! So cute!

Bruised head!

Ugghhh.. I will really be happy when that bruise in the middle of her forehead is gone! She had a big one the side that went away then she hit the wall again! or something who knows! Very clumsy stage she's in right now!

Granola Bar Happy!

My adorable little princess loves the pantry! She found the granola bars and had a party with them!It was messy, but hey sometimes ya just gotta let em! She had a load of fun for10min! haha

Friday, January 16, 2009

I love it!!!!!

Okay not to be biased... BUT how freakin ADORABLE is this little girl This is my favorite pic!!! I finally captured her doing what she does best laughing and smiling! This was the day after her b-day when she ran circles around the house trying to figure out which toys to play with!And there's ALot with it just being Christmas and all! But I'm on top of it and put a few away to bring out later!
She has to have her bankie!!! oh bankie! She loves the silkies!

Birthday Cake! yummmmy

So first of all sorry about my half naked daughter.. but this was the only way to do the bday cake! She was a lil apprehensive at first then mom showed her how its done and then she dug in! whew what a mess tho! and guess who cleaned most of it? my father-in law! yay! It was good times!

Our Baby Girl is 1!!!!!!!!!

McKenna's 1st birthday was a blast! Lots of friends and family were there with her to share her special day! My parents even drove down from Az and brought Hunter!!!!!!!! It was great to see my bud! As you can see my cousin Caitlin's bff Lisa dressed up as strawberry shortcake for McKenna! She was speechless! The kids loved it!
This pic is all of McKenna's "girlfriends" from left Emma, Audrey, McKenna, and Jordan!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Temple Lights

So when is it ever REALLY cold in Az! Oh..I know Christmas 08! Dang it was cold! So we bundled up lots and went to the Mesa Temple! It's decorated with billions of lights! It was beautiful! You can just walk the grounds and look! They even have the nativity scene set up! It was really impressive and they fund it themselves.. it's free! And there were LOTs of people there! That will be a new family tradition!

Oh Santa!

Mckenna and her princess push car! Which I think drove my Grandma nuts! Cause it always plays music! She asked if it can be shut off! lol ! (Could of been out of curiousity, but I doubt it) We just don't ever even notice it, it's our ambiance music!

Kenna and Landers investigating the gifts!

ohhhhh... Christmas.....

Well.. where to start! Chritmas was a bit of a bummer.. we started to open presents and then my little precious began throwing up! okay she had a cough maybe thats why.. but to no avail was this child keeping ANYTHING down! She was bloody miserable! and I was too! So we found a pediatric urgent care that was open and went! She had her FIRST ear infection! They saved us and gave her a shot of antibiotics! whooo. But I am here to say it was not fun! But it was Christmas so the day got better and so did she! Hence the pic of her in her diaper!
She's my present to myself! cheesey huh? lol

McKenna and her papa Dan. Christmas before we went to Az! It was good times! McKenna made out like a bandit and didn't even know!