Friday, December 12, 2008

Little Walker!

Just a quick little update... we officially have a walking little McKenna! It's pretty hilarious!She tries to move faster than her legs! So she dives into her destination! It's great entertainment! She's just too much!

Friday, December 5, 2008

McKenna's new ride!

A friend of mine gave me this walker and I wasn't going to use it because well she didn't like the one I had bought her not long ago.. but this child LOVES to be outside! You pick her up and she points to the door and makes you take her outside just to walk around or pull on the roses, whatever tickles her fancy!Even at 7:00 in the morning, and its cold out there! So Darrin pulled out the walker and let her run around in it on the porch (duh why didn't I think of that!)! Its great, she has a ball!
Thats the latest and greatest! Looking forward to Christmas and her 1st birthday!


Yikes! Sooo sorry everyone I have been slacking! No new pic's in over a month! Well here she is in her glory! Messy baby!
She loved to hang in the fridge and freezer, that is until her Grandma and Grandpa rained on her parade and brought mommy their old but still new fridge! Thanx again Mom and Dad! Your the best EVER! But in this pic she would get the frozen hashbrowns and teeth on them! It was quite handy actually!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunshine Bear

Here is our little sunshine carebear! We had a great halloween! We went up to Papa's and Aimee's on thurs for some festivities with the family. Then on Friday we visited more fam and went to the trunk or treat to see my friend Alison and her fam! It was a great time!


Where there is a will there's a way! She stepped up on the drawer to the end table to get the candle! Little stinker!
Her new latest thing is to say Yes! I tell her "McKenna no", she says "Yes"! Hey atleast were not stating off with no! She even says yes when you call her name! Its quite cute!

Pretty Roses

We were just having a good ole' time taking pics of her with the roses I cut from outside! She loved playing with them! It was some cheap entertainment!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


It was sooooooo wonderful having my family here! (Despite the circumstances) McKenna had a BLAST! She could'nt leave those boys alone, she even had someone to help her play in the fridge! I get why people have more than one child, they entertain eachother! (Not droppin any hints here though)! It just really seals the deal that we are going to have to face the music and shake our booties out of Vegas to Arizona! I'm not sure who is more chicken Me or Darrin! It's just a big thing! We need a little push... or shove! Look at Grandpa and McKenna how freakin cute!

Family Trip...

The Robinson's came for a visit and we took a pinic lunch and went to the state park! We had fun but.. the ducks and geese were a little crazy, they are not afraid of us like I and Heather were of them! Lets just say we ran off a few times with the strollers cause they came a little too close for comfort! But what does my child do? Wonders how her shoe tastes and then my darling husband decides it's fun to pick them up! yuck! It was a beautiful day though!

Good Morning

Ahhhh... Aunt Heth / Mom hangin with the babies! She's sooo good to miss McKenna making her the most adorable headbands and braclets! Crafty Heth! Thankgoodness cause I am not!

Daddy's little helper

Darrin was doin some work in the bathroom and she wanted to hang with him... in the sink! Keeps her out of trouble!? Maybe till she can pull the faucet!

First Swing experience!

At the park w/ my friend Diana and her boys Max (in pic) he loved to swing.... my little one.. well lets just say she's indifferent! Doesn't hate it but didn't dig it either! I have taken her since and she's likin it more and more! p.s look at that hair on McKenna (yes Max has a ton but he's mexican we expect that)!! yay! I am thrilled since many of you know I was BALD till I was like 2!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Could'nt Help Myself

Who can't resist a little bare baby bum! She may kill me one day for posting these-owell! Thats what being a mom is all about right?

Eggo Waffles yummmy!:)

About a week or so ago everytime I would feed her out of the jar her she would turn her head or spit it at me! I could'nt figure it out! Well my dearest amiga suggested maybe she wants "real food" duh Tara! So here we are she is happily eating again and just loving her independence of self feeding!

If anyone has good food ideas for these little ones let me know! I am racking my brain on what she can have! Thanx!

Silly Girl

Ok this pic is goofy... but we had just given her her first biter cookie! She was also very tired... so she was crying. Darrin went to get her and freaked out at the mess "oh my gosh its in her hair- it's everywhere she needs a BATH"! I say owell its fine..whats a little mess? All the while she is crying... I grab the camera and no kidding she stops crying long enough to smile for me! What a trooper!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fridge Fun!

This little girl is facinated with the fridge! I am sure like many other toddlers! But Darrin caught her in there sucking on the juice bottle lids! Can't leave the door open for a sec...or else she is on the move!


Here we are in Az again! I was giving little missy a bath and Landee heard the water and had to join the fun! He was movin about compared to McKenna- she's a little timid! But it was so much fun watching them play! We had a fun weekend down there!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

8 months old

ok ok I realize my always talking on how old she is and how time flies may be getting a little old.... but cut me some slack! This is my first baby! And I just love having a baby! And if time keeps this up shes not gonna be a baby for long ya know????
So... I was a real softy tonite and she didn't want "garden veggies"! She spit them at me I might add... so I rewarded her and gave her strawberries in her mesh thing. She liked me again!
Whatcha gonna do?
Here is McKenna and her cousin Jayden! At my bro in laws b-day barbque!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family Day!

Darrin and I were fortunate enough to have a day off together today! (we flip flop work schedules so one of is always home) We took a little drive up to Mt Charleston to hang in the cool air and have lunch! It was really nice! These pics are actually in Darrins Dad's backyard- they live up there and we went and hung at their house! She likes the grass! And of course tries to eat it! eeeewwwww
Proud Papa and his Princess!

Play Time!

Max and McKenna love to tear and eat the magazines! They are going to be trouble those too!
She has decided to not sit in her saucer, but under it! She sat there for quite some time and just played! It reminded me of when I was a kid and we would hide under things- build "tents" with sheets and kitchen chairs! aaaaahhhhhh the good ole days!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rubadub McKenna's in the tub!

I actually remembered to grab my camera for bathtime pics!These are her first ones! oppps! I think here soon she will graduate from the infant tub though! I am in denial at how fast shes growing up! We had to lower her crib this morning!:( I thought it was time and then it was confirmined when papa Dan and Aimee babysat and told me we would have to lower it soon! I know is not a big deal but its just crazy to me how fast they grow and change!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our baby is 7mo old already!

McKenna and I went to Az this past weekend to visit, and if you can believe it I forgot the dang camera! uggghhh! Owell I got some pics of the cousins with my moms camera! Lets just hope she emails them to me!
McKenna just turned 7mo old yesterday! I cannot believe how time rolls on! Its exciting and at the same time very scary! Shes coming into her own and has so much personality, she loves to smile and laugh! She can be so chill but yet also very busy. It's just crazy to watch her, so intent on getting somewhere or picking something up! Sometimes it still shocks me to think Darrin and I are parents! Its the greatest thing ever!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

So these are the faces I got when I fed her chicken and chicken broth! She absouletly was not having it! I can't say I blame her I almost was sick when I opened the jar! The smell is dang funky! So I can just imagine the taste! We may just skip the ole meats for awhile and move onto the fruit! She did give me a good laugh though! She kinda sat there like oh and this is funny to you??? Sure was thanks McKenna!

Well I thought she'd enjoy helping mommy with the laundry and as you can see she was all business!

Well here is the remainder of some carrots that were for dinner (which she enjoyed very much)! She now smiles when I tell her say cheese! Then I have to show her her pic so she can laugh at herself!

Friday, June 27, 2008

on our way to the pool...
playing with Jayden...... half asleep on stroller ride home! Pool time time tuckered her out!!! And mommy tooo!