Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rubadub McKenna's in the tub!

I actually remembered to grab my camera for bathtime pics!These are her first ones! oppps! I think here soon she will graduate from the infant tub though! I am in denial at how fast shes growing up! We had to lower her crib this morning!:( I thought it was time and then it was confirmined when papa Dan and Aimee babysat and told me we would have to lower it soon! I know is not a big deal but its just crazy to me how fast they grow and change!

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The Fam said...

I feel you!! It's so excitting but yet so heartbreaking at the same time! time flies and it's like you wake up one day and have to buy them a bigger bed or larger clothes!!

She's just so darn cute Tara!! We need to get the kids together again soon for a play date!

Keep up the good work mama!!