Friday, January 16, 2009

I love it!!!!!

Okay not to be biased... BUT how freakin ADORABLE is this little girl This is my favorite pic!!! I finally captured her doing what she does best laughing and smiling! This was the day after her b-day when she ran circles around the house trying to figure out which toys to play with!And there's ALot with it just being Christmas and all! But I'm on top of it and put a few away to bring out later!
She has to have her bankie!!! oh bankie! She loves the silkies!

Birthday Cake! yummmmy

So first of all sorry about my half naked daughter.. but this was the only way to do the bday cake! She was a lil apprehensive at first then mom showed her how its done and then she dug in! whew what a mess tho! and guess who cleaned most of it? my father-in law! yay! It was good times!

Our Baby Girl is 1!!!!!!!!!

McKenna's 1st birthday was a blast! Lots of friends and family were there with her to share her special day! My parents even drove down from Az and brought Hunter!!!!!!!! It was great to see my bud! As you can see my cousin Caitlin's bff Lisa dressed up as strawberry shortcake for McKenna! She was speechless! The kids loved it!
This pic is all of McKenna's "girlfriends" from left Emma, Audrey, McKenna, and Jordan!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Temple Lights

So when is it ever REALLY cold in Az! Oh..I know Christmas 08! Dang it was cold! So we bundled up lots and went to the Mesa Temple! It's decorated with billions of lights! It was beautiful! You can just walk the grounds and look! They even have the nativity scene set up! It was really impressive and they fund it themselves.. it's free! And there were LOTs of people there! That will be a new family tradition!

Oh Santa!

Mckenna and her princess push car! Which I think drove my Grandma nuts! Cause it always plays music! She asked if it can be shut off! lol ! (Could of been out of curiousity, but I doubt it) We just don't ever even notice it, it's our ambiance music!

Kenna and Landers investigating the gifts!

ohhhhh... Christmas.....

Well.. where to start! Chritmas was a bit of a bummer.. we started to open presents and then my little precious began throwing up! okay she had a cough maybe thats why.. but to no avail was this child keeping ANYTHING down! She was bloody miserable! and I was too! So we found a pediatric urgent care that was open and went! She had her FIRST ear infection! They saved us and gave her a shot of antibiotics! whooo. But I am here to say it was not fun! But it was Christmas so the day got better and so did she! Hence the pic of her in her diaper!
She's my present to myself! cheesey huh? lol

McKenna and her papa Dan. Christmas before we went to Az! It was good times! McKenna made out like a bandit and didn't even know!