Saturday, October 18, 2008


It was sooooooo wonderful having my family here! (Despite the circumstances) McKenna had a BLAST! She could'nt leave those boys alone, she even had someone to help her play in the fridge! I get why people have more than one child, they entertain eachother! (Not droppin any hints here though)! It just really seals the deal that we are going to have to face the music and shake our booties out of Vegas to Arizona! I'm not sure who is more chicken Me or Darrin! It's just a big thing! We need a little push... or shove! Look at Grandpa and McKenna how freakin cute!

Family Trip...

The Robinson's came for a visit and we took a pinic lunch and went to the state park! We had fun but.. the ducks and geese were a little crazy, they are not afraid of us like I and Heather were of them! Lets just say we ran off a few times with the strollers cause they came a little too close for comfort! But what does my child do? Wonders how her shoe tastes and then my darling husband decides it's fun to pick them up! yuck! It was a beautiful day though!

Good Morning

Ahhhh... Aunt Heth / Mom hangin with the babies! She's sooo good to miss McKenna making her the most adorable headbands and braclets! Crafty Heth! Thankgoodness cause I am not!

Daddy's little helper

Darrin was doin some work in the bathroom and she wanted to hang with him... in the sink! Keeps her out of trouble!? Maybe till she can pull the faucet!

First Swing experience!

At the park w/ my friend Diana and her boys Max (in pic) he loved to swing.... my little one.. well lets just say she's indifferent! Doesn't hate it but didn't dig it either! I have taken her since and she's likin it more and more! p.s look at that hair on McKenna (yes Max has a ton but he's mexican we expect that)!! yay! I am thrilled since many of you know I was BALD till I was like 2!