Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunshine Bear

Here is our little sunshine carebear! We had a great halloween! We went up to Papa's and Aimee's on thurs for some festivities with the family. Then on Friday we visited more fam and went to the trunk or treat to see my friend Alison and her fam! It was a great time!


Where there is a will there's a way! She stepped up on the drawer to the end table to get the candle! Little stinker!
Her new latest thing is to say Yes! I tell her "McKenna no", she says "Yes"! Hey atleast were not stating off with no! She even says yes when you call her name! Its quite cute!

Pretty Roses

We were just having a good ole' time taking pics of her with the roses I cut from outside! She loved playing with them! It was some cheap entertainment!