Saturday, September 27, 2008

Could'nt Help Myself

Who can't resist a little bare baby bum! She may kill me one day for posting these-owell! Thats what being a mom is all about right?

Eggo Waffles yummmy!:)

About a week or so ago everytime I would feed her out of the jar her she would turn her head or spit it at me! I could'nt figure it out! Well my dearest amiga suggested maybe she wants "real food" duh Tara! So here we are she is happily eating again and just loving her independence of self feeding!

If anyone has good food ideas for these little ones let me know! I am racking my brain on what she can have! Thanx!

Silly Girl

Ok this pic is goofy... but we had just given her her first biter cookie! She was also very tired... so she was crying. Darrin went to get her and freaked out at the mess "oh my gosh its in her hair- it's everywhere she needs a BATH"! I say owell its fine..whats a little mess? All the while she is crying... I grab the camera and no kidding she stops crying long enough to smile for me! What a trooper!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fridge Fun!

This little girl is facinated with the fridge! I am sure like many other toddlers! But Darrin caught her in there sucking on the juice bottle lids! Can't leave the door open for a sec...or else she is on the move!


Here we are in Az again! I was giving little missy a bath and Landee heard the water and had to join the fun! He was movin about compared to McKenna- she's a little timid! But it was so much fun watching them play! We had a fun weekend down there!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

8 months old

ok ok I realize my always talking on how old she is and how time flies may be getting a little old.... but cut me some slack! This is my first baby! And I just love having a baby! And if time keeps this up shes not gonna be a baby for long ya know????
So... I was a real softy tonite and she didn't want "garden veggies"! She spit them at me I might add... so I rewarded her and gave her strawberries in her mesh thing. She liked me again!
Whatcha gonna do?
Here is McKenna and her cousin Jayden! At my bro in laws b-day barbque!