Friday, February 27, 2009

Snow Day!

We took a drive up to Mt. Charleston the other day to introduce McKenna to the cold white stuff! Natually she loved it! and wanted to eat it! Of course I let her! What kid doesn't like to eat snow! It was good times!
Then we went to her Papa's house where she was lovin on their stuffed bear! She kept pulling it around the house then she would lay on it! So cute!

Bruised head!

Ugghhh.. I will really be happy when that bruise in the middle of her forehead is gone! She had a big one the side that went away then she hit the wall again! or something who knows! Very clumsy stage she's in right now!

Granola Bar Happy!

My adorable little princess loves the pantry! She found the granola bars and had a party with them!It was messy, but hey sometimes ya just gotta let em! She had a load of fun for10min! haha