Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family Day!

Darrin and I were fortunate enough to have a day off together today! (we flip flop work schedules so one of is always home) We took a little drive up to Mt Charleston to hang in the cool air and have lunch! It was really nice! These pics are actually in Darrins Dad's backyard- they live up there and we went and hung at their house! She likes the grass! And of course tries to eat it! eeeewwwww
Proud Papa and his Princess!

Play Time!

Max and McKenna love to tear and eat the magazines! They are going to be trouble those too!
She has decided to not sit in her saucer, but under it! She sat there for quite some time and just played! It reminded me of when I was a kid and we would hide under things- build "tents" with sheets and kitchen chairs! aaaaahhhhhh the good ole days!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rubadub McKenna's in the tub!

I actually remembered to grab my camera for bathtime pics!These are her first ones! oppps! I think here soon she will graduate from the infant tub though! I am in denial at how fast shes growing up! We had to lower her crib this morning!:( I thought it was time and then it was confirmined when papa Dan and Aimee babysat and told me we would have to lower it soon! I know is not a big deal but its just crazy to me how fast they grow and change!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our baby is 7mo old already!

McKenna and I went to Az this past weekend to visit, and if you can believe it I forgot the dang camera! uggghhh! Owell I got some pics of the cousins with my moms camera! Lets just hope she emails them to me!
McKenna just turned 7mo old yesterday! I cannot believe how time rolls on! Its exciting and at the same time very scary! Shes coming into her own and has so much personality, she loves to smile and laugh! She can be so chill but yet also very busy. It's just crazy to watch her, so intent on getting somewhere or picking something up! Sometimes it still shocks me to think Darrin and I are parents! Its the greatest thing ever!