Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am just baffled that at such a young age this little girl can flip the bird soo well! Kinda freaky huh?

Well McKenna found her feet and her mouth! Everything goes in it! It is hilarious! She loves it when I stick her toes in her mouth! She smiles and laughs!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And here she looks like her daddy! People say she looks like both of us! I say she's a swirl! She got the best of both of us!

Well she really looks like her mama here! She poses sooo well if only I could get a smile!

That is what didn't make it all the way down for breakfast! I swear the amount of spit-up sometimes is amazing! After a day with her your covered in it! Both shoulders, chest, you name it!

She is really figuring out her toys in the exersaucer! Its so funny!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well no new pics this week! I have been a slacker! I have been a little under the weather with a cold and now Darrin has it and I am hoping and praying McKenna doesn't have it! Hopefully this week I can get some new pics!McKenna can officially giggle! You gotta get her going but it's pretty funny and cute! She is somethin else that one! We are sooooo looking forward to our trip to Az in 5wks, which seems like Forever! Oh p.s. I am finally moving salons! Yep I can't wait! Its down the sreet from the old one! I needed some change! And even better my buds Diana and Monica are going too! What a deal!

Friday, April 11, 2008

We are on our way for afternoon stroll in the snugli! I am sooo happy I found a hat to fit the little peaunut head!!!!

How freakin cute is this little girl of ours?? I may be biased but damn we did a good job here!

I could not resist!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I know I know you think its a postcard but Its Not! I Tara took this awesome pic last summer when Darrin and I had our last vaction as not mommy and daddy! We went camping (sort of) in Duck Creek Ut! This is outside of Bryce Canyon! There is some beautiful country out there!

I just can not have this blog without a pic of my buddy Captain Jack Sparrow! aka Domino! He's the funniest kid! He also is smitten with little Kenna! I just don't have any pics to prove it!
He loves to speak spanish to me and think I understand! Then when I don't he gets a little frustrated! It is actually very funny! I guess I have some learning to do from the little guy!

Well... here is the Landee man! I just love being an Aunt those boys of mine are just toooo much! They are awesome!
Here we are this morning! I finally looked half put together and remembered to take a pic! We were on our way to a pedatrician appt. Fun stuff!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

This was taken today when we took a tip to Floyd Lamb State Park! She liked the ducks! And actually stayed awake!

Well I figured we better show our faces too! ahhh how cute are we??

This is Jayden and McKenna! How cute! Once again just smitten with her!

McKenna and Hunter! Those boy cousins just love that little girl! Cant ya tell?????? She loves em right back!

McKenna and daddy taking a snoze! Those two! Daddys little girl! She will stop what shes doing when he walks in the room! She will just stare at him and smile!

Strawberry shortcake

Well I found out that the care bears and srawberry shortcake are on tv saturday mornings! Its great it takes me back to my childhood! McKenna and I watches a few minutes of it and they were playing and laughing and she was (trying) laughing with them! It was soooo cute!!!!!!!!

Our version of heaven on earth! Santa Barbara California!! We love it there! Cant wait to go back and take lil Kenna there!
Well lets try this again! The Snyder Family's blog is hopefully up and running!!!!