Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Okay big time slacker over here! I know there are a few of you that enjoy seeing whats up here in Snyder land! It's really been such a happy, fun and busy summer I can't keep up! Pathetic huh? But really lots going on! McKenna and I started off with a roadtrip with my parents to Utah to visit the family...all I can say is ahhhhhhhhhhhh it's so beautiful up there in Woodland,Ut! We had such a great time and McKenna got to hang with some of her second cousins and I got to see some family I haven't seen in YEARS! It was great! Hopefully we can make it up there again next summer! Then we came home for one night, packed it up and off we were again for another road trip to Phx! We went to meet the latest Robinson, our neice and Kenner's cousin Jade! Also they were blessing her and it was my Landee's birthday! It was a great weekend to get down there! Lot's going on!Then it was back home on Sunday!Boy was my little trooper princess ready to come home! She was poopped!
Then just about a month ago we bought a new car, and we tested it out on yet another road trip to Santa Barabara,Ca! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh once again!? Why oh why do I live in the desert?! oh yeah because I am not a millionaire! And could not afford any part of that lifestyle..one can dream though?! It was OUR first family vacation! Let me just say it was beyond awesome! We hung out, went to the beach, went to the Santa Barabara Zoo, shopping, lots of yummy seafood and took a little boat ride! We were busy and McKenna loved every second of it! Now I think you all may be caught up! And if I forgot something well.................

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